Nov 30, 2016

Room Divider Survey

Hi There,

I'm conducting a brief (6 question) survey to get some feedback on a room divider that I'm currently developing.  Please take a minute to provide some feedback by end of day Wednesday, 11/30.  All responses are anonymous, so please be as honest and possible.

Thank you

Nov 20, 2016

Elix Rings

Here's the final iteration of my #therapy #rings. On the go tools for #acupressure, #dienchan and #massage, that are designed to target #stress, #anxiety and #headache relief, among other things.

Form over Function...

Design education places a lot of emphasis on meaning and concept. I have great appreciation for nonsense and find myself at odds with the idea that "#gooddesign" must have a strong concept in order to be valid. Where am I going with this?...not sure. Currently designing a family of #rings for an #acupressure/sensory exploration project. These prototypes didn't quite work with the concept, and so didn't make the cut, but I really like them. They make no sense, but visually I think they're pretty #badass. Could potentially spawn another project. #Jewelry #hardware. Who cares if form doesn't follow function.

Sep 15, 2015

Fashion, Art + Window Display

This started out as an exhibition of my work in the Winter show for my first semester of Grad school. I had soo many ideas and things that I'd been working all semester. This was my semester of material exploration. I had mostly been experimenting with knitting with remnant yarn and unconventional materials, and sustainable surface surface design techniques. My initial plan for this exhibit was to have three knitted garments, but after a major setback over thanksgiving break, I realized that it wouldn't be possible. I substituted two of the garments with life size fashion illustrations (which I'd never done before). 

My work always seems to be in progress until I am 100% satisfied with the outcome. I've been interested in creating artistic retail window displays for some time. After the show, I used Photoshop to collage and enhance some photos of my display to create this idea for a window display. It was inspired by graffiti and drip painting.

Sep 13, 2015

Knitting with lace

Last fall while attending Grad School in Portland, OR, I came across Scrap, a store where you can purchase other peoples discarded scrap.  The first semester of the MFA AC+D program is all about material exploration.  In my quest to experiment with different types of sustainable materials, Scrap quickly became my favorite place to shop for supplies.  I found a pretty large supply of lace at Scrap (over 100 yards) and decided to purchase ALL of it, cut it into smaller strips to make yarn and knit something from it.  At the time I was also researching protective clothing, like armor and riot gear and was interested in using this very delicate material to create something that was less fragile.  This armor like piece - which went through several iterations - was the result of my material exploration.


Pop-up Shop

On May 1, 2015, I exhibited a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that were made either entirely or in mostly from scrap or remnant materials.